About the Evangelism Toolkit

This website is a place to share resources for evangelism, the active invitation of non-members to membership in the Body of Christ and to commitment to work, pray and give for the spread of the Kingdom of God. Our hope is to foster discussion, collaboration and experimentation toward this goal.

About the Evangelism Manual

The Evangelism Manual is a free resource for congregations to engage the two goals of evangelism. The first part, the Come and See Campaign, guides church members into inviting new people to their congregation in a welcoming and hospitable way. The second part, Koinonia, is an eight-week series that guides new members in believing the Christian faith and in belonging to a Christian community. The manual is available in print and in digital form for download. Comments via this website are welcome so that we can continue to improve it.

About the Commission on Evangelism

The Commission on Evangelism is one of three Commissions at the heart of the Episcopal Diocese of New Hampshire’s ministry. (The other two are Outreach and Youth and Young Adult Ministry). The Rev. Jason Wells of Grace Episcopal Church, East Concord is its chair. Its members are both lay and ordained and come from every geographic region of New Hampshire.

About the Episcopal Diocese of New Hampshire

The Episcopal Diocese of New Hampshire is one Church, under one Bishop, serving God in forty-seven congregations, nine summer chapels and four schools. Our mission is to offer infinite respect for one another and radical hospitality for the world.

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