New Gallup data shows NH at bottom of religiosity index

Researcher Ed Stetzer points out new data from Gallup polling that shows New Hampshire in second place as the least religious state in our country. The top four are all New England states: Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Maine. Ed says:

While many may lament the irreligiosity of much of the nation, we should be encouraged about the work God is doing through the local church and denominations in states shown to be less religious. My denomination refers to many of these states as "frontier states" and has made a concious effort to provide more resources and church planters in both the West and New England.

New Hampshire is hard soil for the evangelism vineyard work. But when it produces fruit, the results are sweet and long-lasting. The evangelical churches know this and are pouring resources into evangelism and church planting right around us. The people of New Hampshire will hear the Good News, but will they be hearing it from the Episcopal Church? Will we also pour our resources in as a first priority? Will we match their energy for church planting? The next generation will surely let us know.

Read Gallup's summary report here.

Read Gallup's full analysis here, including political affiliations and more.


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