How Technology is Influencing Families

The digital age is changing how everyone interacts. That includes families and churches, not just friends and co-workers. Our churches should understand how relationships are changing and what opportunities it may provide. From the article:

"5. Few families have experienced—or expect—churches to address technology.

Most parents and tweens/teens have not heard any kind of teaching in a church, religious setting, or public forum (like a school) about how families can best use media, entertainment or technology. In other words, most families are not getting any coaching or assistance when it comes to integrating technology into their family life. When asked if they would be open to one version of such training—“a Christian or faith-based perspective about how to be a good user of entertainment and technology without letting things negatively impact your family relationships”—about two-fifths of parents (42%) and one-third of tweens and teens (33%) expressed interest. The implication is that faith communities could take a leadership role in teaching about the proper use of technology in healthy families."

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